Saturday, April 29, 2006

Another review of Osci Lp album on The Wire!

Fabio Orsi
Small Voices Lp

A quiet gem of an album from label Small Voices.Each side of Osci comprises a long drift of electronic drones sourced partly from electric guitar,augmented with delicated shadings of samples and field recordings.There’s a subtle use of processed folk music and pacifying sounds of rural calm,but Orsi’s pastoral idyll keeps slipping into deep melancholy-shades of William Basinski-and even dread.The album comes apart in its latter stages and that’s not bad thing,as it might otherwise have degenerated through lack of variety into just another Ambient washout.the soft density of the sound is replaced by a section of slashing,high frequency cymbal effect,wich in turn gives way to a more brutally treated passage of folk song,underpinned by an ominous repeating thud.What sets the album apart is its careful construction and sense of restrained drama;Orsi’s collaborator Kinetix,credited with reworking and producing the material,might have added crucial input in this regard.Osci is a curious,even perplexing album rather than a truly challenging one,but that’s good enough to be going on with.

Keith Molinè
The Wire


Anonymous throuRoof said...

Cazzomba che botta!avete buttato giu le mura invalicabili di the wire!!!!????Sono strafelice per te perche davvero lo meriti..grande fAb e grande Small Voices..

10:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bravo fabio ....
così si fa ....

francesco - mark hamn

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Valerio Cosi said...

fabio alla faccia del cazzo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!e pardon la volgarità

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Valerio Cosi said...

fabio ho parlato
con brad...! il tuo 3' cdr esce st'estate...! cool perchè non m'hai fatto sapere niente,mascalzone!ti aspetto con ansia in agosto

3:35 PM  
Anonymous Valerio Cosi said...

ho detto a brad che forse faremo qualcosa insieme st'estate e se ne viene fuori del materiale ha detto che è dispostissimo a lanciarlo su foxy...what do you think about it?

3:40 PM  

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