Friday, September 29, 2006

foxglove135: fabio orsi "south of me" 3" cd-r

from the rugged coast of naples, italy emerges one of the brightest stars in the italian underground. fabio orsi, who is also a recent collaborator with his italian brethren, my cat is an alien, offers up a masterful journey of complex, organic drones and salutations to the sun. emotive guitar glances shoot off into the breeze like ancient magic being rekindled at birth. solemn organ tones search out the lost souls of yesteryear, all the while orsi is contemplating his next move toward the heavens. this music is so rich, so descriptive and full of emotion that its all-too-easy to get lost in its massive seas. 100 copies

po box 700810
tulsa, ok 74170 usa


Anonymous esa said...

Ciao Fabietto,
mi ci sto immergendendo ora...

Bellissimo, bellissimo,bellissimo!


3:42 PM  

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